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Invitation Wording

Remember when you were at school? And the teacher would always talk about the 5Ws? - Who, What, Where, When and Why?


I bet you never thought the 5Ws would be so important when planning your invitations...... but they really are!!!!


Every Invitation you see online will most likely have a customised version of these 5 pieces of informaition presented in a visaully appealing way..... so let's break it down and make it super easy for you to work out the way you would like your invitations worded.



Obviously, the Bride and Groom will be included here, but traditionally speaking, the invitation was always worded in a way to let guests know who was paying for the wedding..... modern day weddings aren't so picky on these things but if you'd like to give a nod to tradition you can word your invite in this way. If you parents are contributing a good amount of money, listing them on your invitations will also make them feel special and noticed for this gift to you. 

There are 3 main layouts -

from the Bride and Groom
from the Parents (inviting you to their children's wedding) or
Together with the Parents (which can be any combination of parents, children, siblings or blended family combination).

Here are a few examples below to show you how it might look:

Ashley Maree Spencer


Steven Paul Michael

invite you to help celebrate their wedding

This can also be informal when using just a first name Bride & Groom combo

Mr & Mrs Paul. Hallam


Mr Steve Michael and Mrs Lucy Michael

invite you to celebrate the marriage of their children

Allison & Charlie

The second parents are divorced so the wording of their names differ slightly from the top parents who have been worded as a couple.

Together with their families

Bride & Groom

invite you to celebrate the happy occasion of their marriage

for a little more formality you can create a combination of the 2nd and 3rd option

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