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Red Hearts Rock Candy

Red Hearts Rock Candy

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Tasty .... Sweet .... AND they look amazing!

Every candy product is handmade, a process which takes a lot of time & expertise. The art of creating rock candy by hand is a highly specialised skill which takes many years to perfect.

Each 1kg bag has approx 400 pieces.

Created one by one by hand, all of our candy is gluten free!

Available Candy Flavours

Wedding Mix - a mix of Just Married, Thank You, Mr & Mrs and I Love You candy.

Love Mix - a mix of I Love You, Strawberry Hearts and Roses candy.

Just Married - strawberry

Mr & Mrs - lemonade & strawberry

Bride and Groom - strawberry & lemonade

I Love You - passionfruit

Thank You (silver) - lemonade

Thank You (ivory) - lemonade

Pink Hearts - strawberry

White Hearts - strawberries & cream

Red Hearts - raspberry

Gold Hearts - pineapple

Blue Hearts - lemonade

Rainbow Hearts - raspberry

Silver Hearts (silver) - raspberry

Silver Hearts (red) - lemonade

Purple Hearts - grape