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My Big, Fat REPEAT Wedding!

  My Big, Fat Greek REPEAT Wedding!

The wedding blog of Jody Johnston

– a bride from way back when…..



We did it!!! 10 years of marriage. On February 25th 2016, my husband, Dave and I celebrated this fantastic milestone. Were there times I thought we might not make it? Yes. Did we have to work through the highs and lows of married life over this time? Sure. Would I do it all again? Absolutely!!!


10 years on and I’m feeling a little reflective….. If I was to get married again, in 2016, what would I do the same and what would I do differently??? How has planning a wedding changed in the past decade?


I’m going to take my business hat off and step back into the mindset of a bride-to-be. This year I will join 118,962 other brides Australia wide who are expected to walk down the isle and say ‘I do’ in the next 12 months.


I can think of no better way to celebrate my personal wedding milestone than to have a ‘do over’ (this may sound crazy to most but those who know me, know I was born to organize…. So a mock redo wedding excites me as much as the first time I got to plan it!!!) Follow my fortnightly update, compare your journey to mine or just enjoy a read as I look at my 2006 wedding to the one I would plan now.


2254_49785073558_9406_nIn this blog entry I will organize:

☐ date

☐ budget

☐ number of guests




My wedding was in February; we decided this by looking statistically at the best weekend, weather wise for our outdoor ceremony. We decided on the 25th (statistically the 2nd best Saturday of the year) to find we got married on ‘the wettest February day in the last 100 years’!!!

This time around I googled most popular time to get married, November came in as most popular month but as I would like to continue this blog for 12 months I will settle for the 2nd most popular month – March. To continue with the 12-month idea I will choose the 25th, as this is 52 weeks from this entry.



Our wedding budget in 2006 was $20,000. We did a good job sticking to this, spending $21,486 (it is sad I still have the spreadsheet!). We were a big DIY couple at this time and chose to do a lot of planning and making ourselves. 10 years on, running my own business and 2 kids under 5 I think I should set a budget a little higher.

I again turned to google (how did I do this 10 years ago…. Search engines definitely weren’t what they are now!) and found 3 articles with average wedding budget as: $36,200, $48,296 and $65,482 so averaged these 3 figures to get $49,992.



In 2006 we had 144 guests at our wedding. It was such a hard list to put together but how do I feel about it 10 years later??? There were definitely A LOT of people we invited that looking back we could have easily cut. I MET 6 people on my wedding day and have only have seen 1 of them in the 10 years since. There were also a small group of ‘new’ friends, which we felt obligated to invite but not longer after didn’t see a lot of. I found 2 statistics of average wedding size: 136 and 96 and averaged this to coincide with my average budget to make a guest list of 116.



In the next blog I will organise:

☐ venue – ceremony

☐ venue – reception


…… WISH ME LUCK!2254_49785103558_576_n